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Cino Zucchi Architetti - CZA

Cino Zucchi Architetti, one of Europe's leading firms in the field of architecture, landscape and urban planning, is constantly searching for new spatial solutions in the complex and layered character of contemporary territories.

The aim of the studio is to combine innovation and research with a professional completeness capable of responding to complex programmes at any scale, making use of articulated skills and, when necessary, a consolidated network of specialised consultants (structural and mechanical engineering, traffic, economics, landscape design, graphics, light design).

The studio has designed and realised numerous commercial, public, industrial and residential buildings, public spaces, recovery plans and master plans for agricultural, industrial and historical areas; it has participated in numerous national and international competitions and is active in the field of interior and exhibition design.

CZA's choice was to design furnishing elements with a clean and discreet geometry but with a recognisable character: ellipses of stone consistency, capable of becoming a formal reference point for inhabitants and visitors, like those small architectures - wayside shrines, kerbstones, fountains - that constitute a minute but extremely significant complement in our daily perception of the urban landscape. Their shape, size and position in the existing space are carefully studied in relation to the elements of the context: the church of San Vittore Martire, the votive column and the optical axis of Via Matteotti above all, the houses bordering Corso Garibaldi and delimiting the square and finally the elements of street furniture and the design of the paving already present.

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